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At that first look, you are hooked. Love. It can't be explained in any other term. Love. That's how you feel when you see and hold your child for the very first time. Guidance. That's what you pray for every day as your child grows in to their little personality that becomes harder to handle everyday. Strength. It's what you need to hold on to your emotions as they run out of control in knowing that soon your baby will be grown. Joy. The thought of capturing the moments in time so that you can have them be little for just a minute longer. That is what I will bring to your heart, joy. I will welcome you and yours in to my studio with all the comforts of home or on location (for a small additional fee), my promise is to Capture those Moments so that you can hold on a little longer.

Capturing Moments for Endless Lifetimes... that's what I do, for you.

Sessions starting at $200

Contact Me

184 Butcher Shop Lane

P.O. Box 175

Elliottsburg, Pa 17024

717-448-7444 cell

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