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It's why I do what I do... For you.

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About Me

The years have come and gone, but the families that I have touched have never left my heart.

It's 2022 and over 25 years in this industry. I've photographed babies that are now married and have babies of their own!! Wait, how did I get that old?? My heart is overflowing with gratitude to all of you who have given me the opportunity to become a special part of your families. THANK YOU!

Just this July, I married the love of my life, Mike, in the waterfalls of OR.

I'm a mother of an 19 year old who is  spreading his wings in college.

I believe in God and am thankful for all of the blessings He has given to me.

2020 & 2021 were some crazy years in this world, and I am so THANKFUL for all of you who continued to support me through all of it!

My grandma was the one who inspired me to be a photographer when I was young. She always had an old Kodak 110 in her hands and said "Watch the Birdie!" That thing would chirp like a bird while it warmed up the flash to fire. Crazy how the gear has changed in just the 25 years I've been photographing "for real". I wish I could thank her today, I think she'd be proud.

My promise to you is to bring every ounce of love, compassion and experience to your wedding or session; just as I have for all of those before you. I have so much room in my world for more families, and this year I  CELEBRATED my 1 year Anniversary in my NEW STUDIO, just a short drive in to the beautiful country. Just wait until you see what's in store for the property this year!


Please spread the love to your friends and family if I have touched your life in any way.

Stay positive, kind & healthy. Blessings to you ~Jen

Contact Me

184 Butcher Shop Lane

P.O. Box 175

Elliottsburg, Pa 17024

717-448-7444 cell

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